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Causing a Car Accident in Tampa Could Cost More Money

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Being the cause of a car accident in Tampa, may soon cost more. The city’s fire department is trying to seek approval to charge drivers’ insurance companies for rescue services.

The fees range anywhere from $450 for a fender-bender to $1,200 for a crash that needs the assistance of a medical helicopter.

“If a driver causes a car wreck that causes additional expenses to the city taxpayer, the city taxpayer should be reimbursed,” said Tampa Fire Rescue Captain. “That should be through the insurance company.”

He also said the city estimates the fees will bring in $1.7 million per year.

The Florida Insurance Council, which represents insurance companies in Tallahassee, calls the plan “double taxation,” and warns that higher auto premiums are inevitable.

Tampa City Council members must approve the car crash proposal which could be as soon as next month. Tampa Fire Rescue currently bills residents $600 when an ambulance transports them to the hospital.