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A Wolf Pack In Pinellas Is Saving Lives

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There is a wolf pack in Pinellas County, believe it or not. And, we should be glad there is.

Pinellas deputies release results from DUI Wolf Pack

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputies have wrapped up their countywide DUI Wolf Pack.

Deputies wrote 57 citations and arrested 11 people during the detail. It began Friday night at 8:00 p.m. and finished at 4:00 a.m. Saturday.

Florida’s law enforcement agencies make a continued effort to keep families safe from impaired drivers.

Last year, deputies say there were 1,631 alcohol related crashes in Pinellas County. Those crashes resulted in 39 deaths.

From TampaBays10.com.

Almost every week my firm is investigating accidents in the Tampa Bay area caused by drunk drivers. What continues to amaze me is that the drunk drivers in Florida have an amazing ability to walk away from many collisions without significant injuries. It is the innocent and sober citizens who are more likely to be injured or killed.