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A Little More Concrete Is Needed On Memorial Causeway

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I have lived in and around Clearwater since 1948. I have traveled to and from Clearwater Beach thousands of times. And, I have even been involved in an accident on one occasion.

Over the years quite a few changes have been made to the causeway. This week, safety reflectors to better separate the east and west traffic lanes are being added.

Reflectors added to Clearwater Memorial Causeway after series of accidents

The reflectors are being installed instead of concrete barriers as are in place on the Courtney Campbell Causeway between Clearwater and Tampa.

While I applaud any improvement designed to make a causeway safer, I would vote for the Courtney Campbell solution to the serious crashes that used to occur with regularity on that roadway. The fact is that causeways allow drivers to speed and to gaze at vistas instead of the roadway ahead. A little concrete would go a long way to prevent collisions.